Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Which campsites can I use?
A-You can camp using our tents anywhere in the UK, or even abroad! We would just need to deliver the equipment to you and you would need to set up the tent yourself (unless using our deliver erect / take down service), although we will provide you with instructions!

Q-How do I return the equipment after my holiday?
A-When we send you the equipment, we will include a pre-paid label and address and instructions of how to return the equipment to us. You will need to keep the packaging you receive the equipment in, to use when you return it.

Q-How long before my holiday should I book a tent?
A-You can book any time up until a few days before your planned trip, although there is a chance a tent might not be available at such short notice. We recommend booking about a month to 6 to 8 weeks before your trip. Although, there is no limit, you can book 6 months in advance if you prefer!

Q- Can KCcamping book a campsite for me?
A-For some sites we can, there will be a 10% surcharge. Other sites have to be booked by the camping party, if we are unable to book you the site, we can make recommendations for sites.

Q- What if I’m enjoying my holiday and wish I could stay longer?
A-If when you on your holiday you decide you would like to stay longer, and continue hiring the tent/ equipment from us, you will need to contact us as soon as you can, whether extending your hire period is possible or not depends on the tents availability. The extra time will be charged at a daily rate.

Q- What if I want to alter the dates of my holiday?
A- After the dates/ times have been agreed and confirmed, you wish to change the dates of your holiday, we will need at least 2 weeks notice, and this will depend on the tent / equipment availability